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magazineDetails behavior is absolutely not consistent
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It does not return all names of magazines for aircrafts.

  1. It does not return countermeasures for helicopters (Mi-48 Kajman and AH-99 Blackfoot) and VTOLS (V-44X Blackfish (armed) and Y-32 Xi'An (both)) at all (from all seats), no number, no id and no name; in single player and hosted multiplayer.
  2. in A-164 Wipeout, To-199 Neophron and To-201 Shikra it does return "Designator batteries" name in single player, but does not return it for Wipeout in hosted multiplayer (only name, string is exists).
  3. For A-164 Wipeout, To-199 Neophron and To-201 Shikra it does not return cannon shells names and countermeasures names in both hosted multiplayer and singleplayer (helicopters is ok though). But it does return shell name for F/A-181 Black Wasp (but no CM though).
  4. It does not return strings for 40 mm cannon and countermeasures in V-44X Blackfish (armed) at all (from all seats) in singleplayer and hosted multiplayer.

Other vehicles was not tested by me.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make sure you have enough space in chat window.
  2. Put aforementioned vehicles (crewless) in Eden Editor on the ground plus one player entity.
  3. Start hosted multiplayer or single player.
  4. Mount any of the vehicles and run by any mean you like script:

_magazinesDetail = magazinesDetail (vehicle player);
systemChat format["%1", _x];
} foreach _magazinesDetail;

  1. Watch for displayed strings in chat.
Additional Information

Game version 1.9.145471

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