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Server hacking
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I was just on one of the official Warlords servers (US#01e) around 12:45 in the afternoon EST, March 24th, 2019. A player by the name of OFFICAL BIGBOY (spelling error in the first word is not a typo) used scripts to place M4 Scorcher artillery vehicles at the BLUFOR spawn. After several minutes of pushing everyone to vote kick him, we finally got enough votes to kick him and destroyed the vehicles. Less than a minute later, he rejoined and executed a nuke script. Beyond this, we could not enough players to vote to kick him, as it seemed pointless.


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Windows 7
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Please inspect your server logs to see if you can determine how he managed to do it and close the loophole.

Additional Information

It would be appreciated if official servers also made vote-kicks into at least a one-hour ban. It's an absolute pain in the ass to reach the kind of consensus that ArmA 3 requires for a vote-kick, and players are not inclined to do it endlessly if there's any way they can continue playing. However, if we could get rid of team-killers and hackers for at least an hour at a time, I think most players would be quite willing to put in the effort to vote kick disruptive players.

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