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Buffer Overrun Crash when flying
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Game crashes midway through the Gunships and VTOL showcases, and throws a buffer overrun error.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Launch Arma 3
Start VTOL showcase
Proceed through first few tasks
Continue playing until game locks -- usually occurs around pilot rescue task, or free-roam optional CAS phase at the end

Additional Information

I've run into this issue several times. I have tried disabling all mods, and have also completely reinstalled the game; no luck.

I have also flown extensively in the Fixed Wing and Fighter Jets showcases, as well a few simple custom missions (using the CH-47 and F-181), and have NOT seen the issue in any of those missions.

I played Arma 3 very frequently from launch until about a year ago, before taking break. Having returned to the game this past week, I'm experiencing these errors for the first time. This leads me to believe it's a relatively new issue that was introduced in the last 12-18 months.

Event Timeline

Tried to Resume the VTOL showcase just now (from the last autosave prior to the crash), and it crashed again just moments into the mission, while approaching the area of the downed pilot. New report attached.