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Warlords played as a SP scenario
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When I create Warlords as a SP scenario everything runs fine until I save the game and leave the mission. When I "resume" the scenario It seems the script stops. I can usually play one sector after loading (tho the map does not show it selected, no hud indicators showing progress of capturing the sector) but after that sector is captured I cannot select the next sector. (I when I hover the mouse over the next sector is won't let me select it, in addition the sector I already captured indicates that it is selectable yet nothing happens when I click on it)

I have tried with no mods, fewer sectors and with stock settings (not changing any factors in the modules) and happens in every case.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. create a simple Warloads mission in the editor
  2. export to singlplayer scenarios
  3. play as scenario (plays fine, everything works at this point)
  4. save and exit scenario.
  5. resume scenario (breaking point)
  6. most of the warlords hud does not show minus the map sector markers and some on screen dialog.
  7. vote on next sector. (will not show any indicators but can be selected)
  8. capture the sector. (no hud showing it is being captured other than the "captured" dialog after it is captured)
  9. try to vote for the next sector (will not allow you to do this)

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we will look on it. Thx for report.