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Warlords sector scanning can cause massive delay to menu opening and other
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When playing on a official warlords server for a longer period of time sector scanning will start to "desync" the warlods menu which can cause the menu not to open for a longer period of time until the sector scan gets terminated. This also "desyncs" the placement of defences lowering the update ratio of the turret's position when moving it around.(And due to this the turret gets destroyed most of the time)
The longer you are on the server the longer this delays become.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Stay in a warlords server for a longer duration, scan a sector and try to open the menu (and additionally try placing a turret).

Additional Information

This delay can be used to abuse the maximum number of AIs you can spawn, posting bug in a different report.
I have confirmed this with multiple other friends of mine.

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Astaroth added a subscriber: Astaroth.EditedMar 15 2019, 12:27 PM

Could you please write name or IP of server? Thank you.

pendramon2 added a comment.EditedMar 20 2019, 1:45 PM

It happens on all of the official servers, whenever they get to a later stage of the game.
When both teams go for backcapping(Getting all the zones in the back side of the warfare) the game tends to run for a long time which sometimes can be for half a day even. I'd estimate about 2-4 hours in the game is when it starts to happen.
This might just be the server not being able to handle that many assets and etc but even if this is the case there should be added extra checks to the ordering system, cause people can abuse it. The developers did not anticipate what could go wrong if the server couldn't handle it well. And if it is the server performance then i recommend cleaning out the AAF units left over from captured sectors as i have seen quite a few left overs.
Oh and if i remember correctly the 32 player servers were a little bit worse than the 64 player servers when it came to this assuming due to the AIs actually playing and using up 10 AIs each.
Sorry for late reply