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Version 1.90 Vehicle wheels and driving performance
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Version 1.90 modifying wheel damage reduction has created a new issue:

The slightest damage done to vehicles lowers the model and wheels into the terrain and affects driving performance significantly due to interaction of wheels and terrain.
This performance loss varies between vehicle type and at times can make a vehicle too slow to use properly without the indication of damage.

Example Hatchback (Sport):

Damage values for wheels to clip with terrain can be between 0.03 and 0.329 without any implication of damage on the vehicle info HUD.
This slight damage instantly brings the top speed of the vehicle from 298 km/h to 245 km/h and affects acceleration as well.
This effect is worsened as damage increases with no visual indication.
Small collisions with terrain objects such as bushes instantly nerf the vehicles performance that was not experienced before.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1- Apply slight damage to a vehicle.
2- Observe lowered wheels into terrain and noticeable driving performance loss.
3- setDammage to 0 and observe wheels on surface of terrain and normal performance.

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