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AI (Helicopter is landed) recognition is not up to date
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If a Helicopter stands on Carrier Deck, engine off and without crew, the ai in player group is not able to mount by order mount with command menue.
reason is:
The AI wait for Heli position Z (select 2) is < X.
This is ATL on land and ASL over water.

The dismount works with istouchingground i guess, because it works.

add an OR (||) to the Z coordinate condition with (istouchingground).

thx so far, i expect that with next Update!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

try to order ai mount a helicopter on deck of the USS Freedom.

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CHIMERACyborg edited Additional Information. (Show Details)Mar 3 2019, 10:03 PM

There is an additional problem, too

Helicopter refuse to land on a carrier, if boats are in the carrier on sea level.
So, the Pilot is looking for objects at (position helipad) and not at (ASLtoAGL (getposATL helipad)).
thats ok on land, but not good over water surface. The radius should depend on the boundingbox, but i think this is implemented.
Only the Z coordinate is the problem i think.

so please fix that too, thx