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Inventory very low FPS and other inventory issues after latest update
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Hello, just wanted to report something which seems to be affecting a lot of other players as well. Since the inventory update in the latest patch, it's become very laggy, with the FPS dropping significantly, especially when browsing through more items (such as exploring a container with lots of items, like a car, barrel, etc.). It makes it very time consuming and painful trying to move items around, as even clicking and dragging them happens with a delay.

Additionally, the backpacks, bags, clothing, etc., don't show how much number of slots they have anymore, which means we have to manually count the slots. That might not be that big of an issue for older players who know the number of slots by heart, but for newer players like myself, it's just tedious and time consuming, as well as irritating.

Lastly, something is not right with dragging bigger objects (like a mountain backpack) from inventory or a container, or putting them into your hands (middle of screen). Its object rectangle suddenly becomes enlarged, taking most of the screen, instead of maintaining its original scale. Also sometimes whenever a bag (or other container) is in your hands, it doesn't show its slots at all, or shows just some of the slots. None of all that was a problem before this update.


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Windows 10 x64

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