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Can't use combination locks
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Since 1.01, if you have a padlock on a gate, you get no option to work the code. Even after placing a new gate with a new lock post 1.01, it doesn't work anymore


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Place a gate and a lock.

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i have this same issue and cant see the options when buidling fences or walls or gates

fragility added a subscriber: fragility.EditedFeb 14 2019, 2:01 PM

Seems like a lot of ingame tooltips in general are not working. It doesnt show firing mode on weapons, tooltip, when you chop a tree... etc. Its gamebreaking on basebuilding, because people cant enter combination lock codes to get out of their bases. I get this report from all people playing on my server and by other serveradmins and players from other servers - also you can read about this in official forums and so on. this needs to be fixed ASAP. its also bad for new players, because you dont even see the tooltip for reloading magazines etc.

It turns out this was being caused by the Expansion Chat mod. It's been updated and the problem went away.

Still the same Issues here - we dont use the Chat Expansion Mod. Even tried to deactivate Mods - it doesnt help. Had one guy on my Server yesterday who didnt experience any issues... Maybe its client side ? Which Server are you running, BetterDeadThanZed? ill try to connect there and see if i still have the problem...

The original player that reported the issue to me logged in last night and confirmed that he's no longer having the issue since the chat mod was updated.

I run the KillinZedz server.

Hmkay - I will try to find out what exactly the Problem was with the Chat Expansion Mod, so that other Mods can be fixed, too. I joined your server and it seemed to work for me - So its really a mod issue.

The DayZ_CCCP Mod causes the same Problems. I removed it and its working now. I thought i tested it before, but i didnt.