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Unit logo not visible on uniforms and vehicles (ONLY for me)
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I am experiencing an extremely annoying issue: I can no longer see units logos on uniforms and vehicles, it used to work until a few months ago then it suddenly stopped.

Other people with an IDENTICAL configuration can see them without problem, even on me: if they look at my right shoulder logo is there, and they see it on vehicles I board as driver; they also took screenshots and I saw with my eyes logo is there, both on me and on other people/vehicles.

I tried all I could and found reading tons of posts on the forum, Reddit and the Internet in general:

  • reupload the logo image - both in Units and Armasquads, which we use for squad.xml - ensuring that it was in the correct format (PNG, size 512x512 or 256x256, transparent background)
  • restart our servers (but problem arises on ALL servers I tried, including official ones)
  • delete local copies of the .paa file and also the whole 'Units' and 'squads' folders in the profile
  • delete whole profile and start with a brand new fresh one
  • check the integrity of the game files from Steam countless times

Nothing of the above helps.

Only thing I didn't try yet is to reinstall Arma from scratch, but I would prefer not to be forced to do so... seems a stupid solution, it simply is not possible that a thing like this has no solution out of reinstalling the game.

Please help, this thing is driving me mad.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Enter any game, either using unit from official Units site or a custom squad.xml in the profile.

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Guys, any news on this?
it's been almost a month since I opened the bug report and it hasn't even been assigned yet...