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(Feedback) Vehicle fuel economy & re-fuelling - Experimental (1.0.150408).
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It took 1/4 of a tank to drive from the fuel station west of Elektro to the eastern side of Elektro, less than 1.5km. Based on this, the vehicle (Lada) has a full range of ~6km.

The time it takes to fill the jerry can at a fuel station is quite long. I didn't time it but I think ~2-minutes of holding the mouse button at a time. It takes about 3-4 jerry cans to fill the tank so you're stopping at fuel station for 10-minutes to do this task. Pouring fuel into the vehicle was faster so we can thank gravity for that. The long jerry can & re-fuel time would be acceptable if you got much more realistic fuel economy (>250km).

Currently, I feel there is little incentive to having a vehicle unless you actually need to transport very heavy things - otherwise it's much easier and faster to just run. Having to stop at every fuel station across Chernarus is a massive honeypot for people who want to PvP and you still probably need several full jerry cans in the car with you at all times to get between fuel stations.

I think having a vehicle and keeping it is one of the end-game goals, it shouldn't be an ongoing burden as it is now.


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I thought that you need two jerry cans to refuel lada. Are you playing on community server or official? Or it was changed in the last update?