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Object stack glitch wrecks base building
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Players can lift themselves up by dropping the board holding key "g". Once a board was dropped, a second board can be dropped which lifts the player upwards again. This can be done in an endless loop until a player can get over or on any obstacle (minimum 2 boards).


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Take one board and put it into the players inventory. Hold a second board into your hands. Drop the board by pressing "g". Take the second board from your inventory into your hands and drop it by pressing "g". Grab a board from the ground/air and drop it once again by pressing "g". Grab a board again from the air and drop it once again by pressing "g".

Additional Information

With this knowledge it is possible to come into each base that has been built.
This makes it pointless to build a base in the open.
See my following ticket on glitch of tower roof top.

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