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Load/Get In waypoint sync does not consider gunner seats, thus making most vehicles unable to pick up people
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Since shooting from vehicles was introduced, all cargo seats have become gunner seats instead.
Load/Get in waypoint sync only considers cargo seats, which means that you can't create pickups for vehicles like Prowler, Assault Boats, etc. because they allow shooting from all seats, which means that all seats are gunner seats, technically leaving it entirely without cargo seats.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

See attached mission.
Two identical situations, only the vehicle type is different.

Additional Information

Vehicles will only consider cargo positions for picking up others, and if they're full, they'll move on.
So since the seats you can shoot from are now all gunner positions, all the vehicles where you can shoot from all seats, like the Prowler, can no longer pick people up since there are no cargo positions.
Eg. Prowler has 1 driver's seat and 6 gunner seats.
Hunter has 1 driver's seat and 3 cargo seats.

If you fill up the hunter's cargo seats, you get the exact same behavior as the empty Prowler.
This bug applies to, but is not limited to, these vehicles:
M4 Scorcher
M5 Sandstorm MLRS
Assault Boat
Rescue Boat

The IFV-6c Panther works, but won't ever move. Seems like a separate issue.

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