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Paper stacking, letter writing and pinning suggestion
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I have noticed paper is not stackable ingame,
I find this odd when paper is stackable in real life and many other ingame items are stackable such as bullets, burlap, rags, even large items such as planks are stackable.

As far as I understand the ability to read/inspect paper is currently in game but not the ability to write a message on the paper.
My suggestion is for the player to have the ability to write a message on the paper changing the item name from "paper" to "letter"
This would allow players to leave the "letter" for other players / team mates to pick up and read. This could be useful in many different scenarios.
An extension of this idea would be to combine the "letter" with a knife to give the player the ability to "pin letter" to vertical objects with the knife objects such as doors, fences, gates buildings/ walls and trees making the "letter" more obvious and slightly threatening.


Operating System
Windows 7
Additional Information

Paper would only be written on once and can not edited or changed once message is completed / confirmed and can not be reused to create another message.

Loose "letter" placed on ground can despawn in the same way regular paper does.

"Letter" pinned to vertical object with knife will not despawn and will stay persistent untill removed.

"Pinning a letter" would cost one knife which can only be retrieved by removing "pinned letter" from vertical object.

"Letter" can be pinned and unpinned multiple times / moved to different locations.

To destroy "letter" and its message place in fire or wait for despawn

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