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Animals are impervious to bullets
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Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Windows 10 home
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  • Join any official server (veteran/public or multiplay)
  • Shoot an animal with a firearm (have had this issue with the Mosin, AKM, M4A1)
  • The animal bleeds from the shot
  • The other animals in the herd run away (naturally)
  • The targeted animal begins moving very slowly
  • The targeted animal does not die from the shot
  • The targeted animal is inaffacted by further shots
Additional Information

Have had this happen to a male deer, a female deer, and a female (presumably) goat

Event Timeline

An update on this bug ...

It turns out the shot animal is "dead" in the sense that I can follow it and skin/quarter it - but it doesn't do down from the shot.

Happened to me yesterday.

Shot a deer which casually walked away. Put a further 10 rounds into it's head and it just kept on going.

Others I could kill fine.

Try skinning it while its walking away, let me know if it works