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"Engage" command is not cancelled by "No Target"
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If you order units to target an enemy, then give the Engage command (3, 4), they'll start to engage the target.
However, the Engage command cannot be cancelled with No Target (2, 1) and/or Return to formation (1, 1).
If you then target another enemy, they'll do nothing till you ask them to engage. If you then ask them to target the old enemy again, they'll engage him immediately.
Targetting the second enemy again and issuing the Engage command on him, will then allow you to target the old enemy, and they won't engage.

The Engage flag for a unit should be removed from an enemy if you order another target, or order no target.

Workaround currently, is to make them target a friendly unit, then order an Engage on him, then cancelling the target; this will allow targetting the original enemy without having them engage him.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place multiple units in a group and set the group to hold fire.
  2. Place two enemy units ~200 meters in front, facing away from the group so they won't spot them.
  3. Preview mission.
  4. Make the units target the enemy, then Engage (3, 4).
  5. Once they switch status to "Engage", select No Target (2, 1), then Return to formation (1, 1).
  6. Make them target the enemy again. They will begin to Engage again on their own.
  7. Select No Target (2, 1), then Return to formation (1, 1).
  8. Make them target the other enemy. They won't engage.
  9. Make them target the first enemy again. They will begin to Engage again on their own.

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