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Saving twice in the same slot crashes the game and deletes the save in that slot.
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I've come across a major issue with saving games, if I happen to save a game in the same slot without exiting the options menu first the game will crash and delete the save you were attempting to save to causing you to lose all progress for that slot, the error message says "Ragdoll Handler".


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Win 10 Home x64
Steps To Reproduce

I can only reliably reproduce this crash in my current scenario and has forced me to save to a new slot each time for "safety backups of progression".

  1. Save a game to a slot.
  2. Without leaving the save menu, save a game to the same slot.
  3. "Ragdoll Handler" Crash.
  4. Start game again and you are missing that save file.
Additional Information

I am unable to reproduce this crash in a new scenario with or without mods, only in a scenario that has been built in.
I am using the following mods:
Barrel Storage Racks,
Unlimited Resources,
Botanist Revamp,
Extra Items 2.0,
Supply Drop_Extra Resources,
Stars Improvement Mod,
Deblurred Night and Thermal Imaging and
Helmet Light Texture Replacement.
Although the only mods in play are Barrel Storage Racks, Supply Drop_Extra Resources, Stars Improvement, Deblurred NVG and Thermal and Helmet Light Replacement and they do not crash while placed in a new scenario, I've checked for the latest version and tested the mods and these seem to be stable in every other case.

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