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Duping Items and Combat Logging
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I have encountered numerous players who are cheating their way through the game. Namely, being seen to generate duplicates of any item, including sea chests. It makes the game unplayable when all PvP encounters are KOS. Not because they took the time to loot and find gear the way the game intends, but by duplicating items and digging them in central locations. It is unfair, simple and plain.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Ask any know-it-all 16 year old or 30 year old no life to get you a fancy large tent, twice! This is not meant to be fecicous, it is meant to exemplify that many people are looking to get something out of this game that was not intended.

Additional Information

Dayz was made for the true role-players. They want to sink time into buying that inventory, stashing their gear in central locations for later use. Go on looting runs, use the awesome mechanics like cooking (SO MANY WAYS) etc. I love this game, I love everything it has to offer. Please, give this issue a look. Im also a man who likes to reslove issues with urgency rather than procrastination. If there is a way I can contribute, please contact me further.

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