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When building fence
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While I was building fence I noticed that when you start using hammer as the tool for building frames or walls on the fence the whole structure bugs and you can no longer perform any construction on that said *base* structure. The options: build upper frame, build lower frame, etc. still appear but when your emote for construction is finished it remains only in 1st form, only as a base. I have tried relogging, waiting for server restart and also asked for help from friend and none of those options worked.


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Windows 10

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Hej! I have the same issue. I guess a bad interaction between the Terrain and the fence Frame is causing an error, so the game doesn't allow us to build (a little Underground)
Same Problem occures with plants reaching into the fence construction site, like bushes.
It is Pretty annoying to build up a base Right now. only every 3rd or fourth fence will be build. And this in almost flat Terrain. Pleeeeese fix!