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Camo nets / AG countermeasures [Content/Warlords]
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In 32 players size missions with enemies air superiority, and without dedicated AA players (that not very rarely do not present because of

  • expensive, skill-requiring fighter planes,
  • boring/danger (depending on use) ground AA operation,
  • extensive actions required to sustain MANP Air Defence and it's low Coverage Area,

it is barely possible to operate any armed and {all unarmed that heavier than prowler} ground vehicles within ~3-7 km radius from frontline: after you receive it and drive some time/range, enemy air comes and you, being outside a big town or with a skilled enemy pilot, almost never able to do anything to survive it;, this in same way applies to all vehicles standing on fire/storage positions with engines off . It also practically removes most of sence of ground recon and ground to air communication.

Air's "visual sensor" are justified part of the game mechanic, but in reality is a multiple options to hide vehicles against aerial recon. 1 of most basic is the camo nets. Personally, after Jets DLC came out, i was surprised that the nets do not affect the visual sensors at all. But since such countermeasures such meaningful in Warlords, it would be verry good to make current cammo nets not transparent or add new ones (maybe the 'thermal nets' from Apex in larger size), and officially add them with un-/folding ability to Warlords or the main game( for example like an option for vehicles, with the 'circle progressing' action and AI's "6" commanding menu entity). The un-/folding should take some time, so this not going to be OP, its a way of having ground vehicle assets on the ground without them being exploded on 1st enemy Air passing-by.

If it is not possible/{worth time/work} to make the nets balanced with AI (calculate cammo-{terrain/surrounding} relation or divide visibility for the sensors, the AI aspect can be ignored because in most (if not all) PvP games almost always air weaponry are controlled/directed by players / ground assets, and some {the tents' presence customization/limitations} can be added for other "missions".
As an other view, this warlord's disbalance maybe could be fixed by adding to it ,unused already present in game AA assets, or improving gear logistic (maybe fixing the "6" menu cluttering and simplifying use / enhancing gear requesting options).

Implementing the described,,tent's functionality in most basic working form, shouldn't require lot of work or touching Arma 3 's internals deeper than editing configs and using SQF.


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Windows 10 x64

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While the AI do not {understand when to/ properly} use the SAMs, its no way to make the Air Forces less OP or AD stronger, without adding the GamePlay-horrible random, making AD unsupressable( that are same GP-horrible) or making it incredibly unrealistic . but instead of such obvious improvement you think its better to add a pile of nothing-new buildings and other prop scrap as a whole DLC .