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SP Crash VTOL Showcase
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Crashed while playing SP on VTOL showcase mission


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Windows 10 x64
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Game Crash
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Crashed while trying to land somewhere. Can't reproduce.

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Sergadra added a subscriber: Sergadra.EditedJan 13 2019, 5:57 PM

Well it seems i can back this up with a multiplayer issue also related to the Xi'an.

It was not while a landing it was while using an Xi'an it is somewhat reproducable.

At my end:

17:44:41 B Alpha 1-4:1 (Serga) (bis_o2_1992) (Y-32 Xi'an (Infanterie-Transporter)): Unknown action ActiveSensorsOn, target B Alpha 1-4:1 (Serga) (bis_o2_1992)

17:45:21 Fresnel n must be >0, given n=0,k=1.4

17:49:01 Unknown attribute itemsCmd
17:49:01 Unknown attribute itemsCmd

At his end

12:11:58 BIS_VTOL (Y-32 Xi'an (Infantry Transport)): Unknown action ActiveSensorsOff, target BIS_VTOL
12:12:00 BIS_VTOL (Y-32 Xi'an (Infantry Transport)): Unknown action ActiveSensorsOn, target BIS_VTOL

12:19:04 Unknown attribute itemsCmd
12:19:04 Unknown attribute itemsCmd

I wanted to send a sidechat msg to the server while i pressed enter. It seems often happening when you press Enter in the Xi'an.

Had it two times before.