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Inventory menus, and lag.
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We have a car and a large tent at our base. When we have quite a lot of loot stored in these, the lag is bad enough to drive you insane. Not only that, but when there are more items than you can see on the screen (i.e have to scroll down) it goes crazy. Most of the time you have no idea what item you have highlighted, and the frames drop so low. It actually puts me off using them, which isn’t ideal since they are such cool concepts.

The inventory system on Xbox needs overhauling. For instance, if I change trousers, I should have the ability to transfer all the loot over to my new trousers, instead of sending one item at a time. Stuff like that can get you killed in this game! Also micromanagement never works if you scroll backwards using the bumpers.

Finally, we have crashed (and lost) 4 cars due to huge frame drops which essentially freeze our game and force us off the road. The frame drops I can handle, but couldn’t you make the cars are little stronger? It seems like the smallest incident is enough to destroy one.


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