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More food , loot ,map too big
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So dying from lack of food , searched for hours for ammunition no luck , we need much more loot ,more
like the loot in pubg . for people to keep playing & to be fun . its not fun now! Like I don't have 9 hours to waist looting for a loaded gun just to die of hunger


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Keep dying of hunger ,need much more loot ,& food . map is to big cut it into a third of what it is now, not having fun !! Spending hours & hours for a gun , with no ammo , wat a joke ! U need to fix lag & make the loot like pubg loot & this game will become number 1 in the world if these issues r fixed ! If not it won't be successful like it could. Pls fix

The game wasn't meant to be easy that's why it's a survival game, yes the loot system could be a bit less buggy but trust me if you use the izurvive dayz app you will find military bases which also have guns I never run out of ammo for my ka-am which I find usually an hour into the game and find all the loot I need. Just always push west on train tracks

The map and it’s size is one of the core features of the game, and is extremely unlikely to change. What they could do is give us easier ways to traverse it. Bicycles would me nice as a common item. Also, if you need ammo and a gun, head straight to a military base. You’ll soon find what you need.