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Bug with base building
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There is a bug where I can't build the lower frame of the fence. I have all the materials inside, and it lets me do the building animation but when the little circle completes nothing happens. It doesn't use any of the materials and the lower frame won't be built. Because of this issue I'm unable to complete my base as there is a big hole where anyone can crawl under.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Build the base of the fence with the shovel putting up two logs. Then put planks and nails in the fence and build the lower frame. Sometimes it will not.

Additional Information

At first I thought this was a collision issue, but even when carefully placing the fence kit so that when building the frame it wouldn't touch anything it still didn't allow me to build the lower frame.

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Also happen to me. It seems the foundation of the wall is too close to an object. If you dismantle the wall foundations and place the fence a little farther from any objects (even other fences) solves the issue

Same here
after 6 H of trying to finish a little area of my base ( cause it was bugging ) i finished it but the next day i found some Metal and decide to change the Wall to Metal Version but after dismantle the wooden wall i can't rebuild it with any sort ( Wood -Metal ) i just show the animation but doesnt use any materials so the circle loads but nothing happens

Xoza added a subscriber: Xoza.Dec 19 2019, 8:29 PM

I have the same issue WTF!!!