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Car Bug - Buggy cars kill the driver and all co-drivers
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Im playing DayZ(stable verson) 1.0.150000 on a community server. When i find a car (there is only Ada 4x4 in this version) it often happens by entering the car (no matter if its full repaired or not) that it is shaking. Its a bit like the car would jump around. You can see that clearly by watching the weels. Another striking feature ist that the speedometer needle wobbles between 0km/h and 10km/h and i want to note that this all happens without turning the motor on. In fact it doesnt matter if the motor is on or off the results are the same. This bug is only seen by the driver. When i switch from the drivers seat to a co-driver seat (doesnt matter which one) the car is normal. Normal means there is no arkward sound no shaking/jumping and no feedometer needle which is spinning crazy.

If you drive now with the car it is still shaking/jumping and bugging around so that its hard to control it by driving it in my experience it is suicid. Because a car that you cant control is always crashing something AND a crash doesnt mean that the car is now unable to drive like the normal ones its much worser...

Crashing something with this buggy car means you will jump around or crazy flipped around or its spinning THEN you will get a black screen where you can only see the dot of your aiming point and i recognized that you are in a crawling position. At the end, however, you get killed as well as every other passenger in your car including the car by itself.

I found this "deadly" car bug by three different types.

  1. the car is shaking when you entering it (like i mentioned before)
  2. the car is spawning unnormal -> car is spawning in the earth so that the wheels are only half seen sometimes even the vehicle body is slightly under earth. -> in this case i directly got a black screen and could see that i was in crawling position. My screen flickers around so that i could see that i was somewhere under the car in the earth and tried to crall out by pressing the "W"-Button but after maybe 3 seconds i got the message "you are dead".
  3. i had a normal car, that drives perfectly fine. But after 1 day when i was entering it again it had this buggy symptoms too like in my text mentioned.


Operating System
Windows 10
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a car
  2. most it spawns unthypical -> the car is half under the earth or some wheels arent touching the ground (physical unnormal)
  3. This means the car is bugged!
  4. entering a car which is half under the earth will kill you
  5. entering a car that isnt touching the ground like normal is shaking (can even happens by cars which are standing physical right/normal)
  6. driving a buggy car is extremely dangerous and mostly leads to dead
Additional Information

I uploaded a video where you can see the mentioned bug by entering a car.

Pls fix it as fast as you can :)

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Ramsidan created this task.Dec 23 2018, 3:27 AM

If it adds priority to this issue you just released 1.02 and I now can't use any of my groups cars. They all fly around. It's stupid and I'm sick of jumping out to either fall under the map or go flying.

Dimas008 added a subscriber: Dimas008.EditedApr 26 2019, 7:09 PM

Cars are buggeg on official servers. You can't even refill them