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Tent Placement
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I cannot seem to use a medium tent in most grassy areas, or even most dirt areas. Only perfectly flat areas or river beds seem to be adequate places to place a tent, which isn't natural. The military tent is worse, as it needs more flat land to get an option to place. When using a shovel, which has the smallest area of placement, I have the most luck, but even then, in places I should have the ability to make a garden, I cannot.

I've mostly tested this around the mountain new NE AF, and then south, across the street from the Troitskoe military base, but it seems that nearly anywhere I go on the map, it's extremely difficult to find a place to place a tent. This issue just started happening when 1.0 was put out.

Please fix this


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Windows 7
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Home Premium
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Try to place a tent, or dig a garden in a field or yard.

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