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DayZ key bindings for left handed person
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Dear Support,

You have successfully rolled out Dayz 1.0. In the Alpha and Beta Version of the Game i was able to bind the keys for running forward, backward, left and right on the arrow keys because i am a left handed person and i do not want to use WASD keys.

Now in the 1.0 version only the UP and DOWN arrow keys on the keyboard are working but for walking left or right the left and right arrow keys are NOT WORKING. i do not know why this happens because in other games everything is working fine. Also you guys have defined the keys V and ENTER for changing the 1st/3rd perspective by standard and they also do not work for me. I have re-installed the Game already but the issue is still present. Can you help to get this issue fixed?

Best Regards from Germany


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
1809 17763.194
Steps To Reproduce
  1. starting the game
  2. go to options menu
  3. go to key bindings
  4. use clear button for walk forward, backward, left and right
  5. bind new keys using Arrow keys instead of WASD
  6. in game for me only move foward and backward are working - trying to move left and right is not possible like the right and left arrow keys are not used.

PS: same issue is for above mentioned keys V and ENTER for changing the 1st/3rd perspective

Additional Information
  1. updated game from beta to full fersion 1.0 --> issue recognized
  2. used "check for issues" option via steam for DayZ --> issue still present
  3. deleted DayZ folder in Documents folder --> re-created by starting the game --> issue still present
  4. fully uninstalled the game --> pc restart --> re-installed the game --> pc restart --> issue still present

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