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Backpack erased and progress rolled back
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I joined a server my friend was on. I removed my field backpack and hid it in some trees while I did a quick survey of the Berzino docks. The server was laggy, so I ran back to my field backpack, equipped it, and dashed for the church to log out. I waited the full fifteen seconds. I then connected to a server with a much lower population. I was not forced to wait the 90 second timeout. I was immediately placed in the game, but not where I had logged out and without my field backpack. I immediately exited, waited the fifteen seconds, and attempted to reconnect to the server. I encountered repeated database errors, including a database timeout error. My friend on the server said that it kept stating I was being kicked from the server. When it finally did let me back in, I was again in a different location from where I logged out and again without my field backpack. I ran to the place I had stashed it previously and it was gone.


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a backpack on a server
  2. Take it off and leave it somewhere safe
  3. Run around for about five minutes
  4. Return to your backpack and equip it
  5. Exit the game, waiting the full fifteen seconds
  6. Connect to a server
  7. Observe the database timeout error
  8. Retry until you connect
  9. Observe you are not in the location you logged out from and your backpack is missing
  10. Reconnect to the server
  11. Observe you are not in the location you logged out from and your backpack is still missing / not where you left it previously

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It just happened again. I will update the steps to reproduce.

This has happened to me on multiple occasions, each when connecting to another server. In the most recent example, I had not changed my inventory around any time recently. I logged off, came back later and logged into a different server. I got the database timeout error, and when I was finally able to connect to a server much of my inventory was gone, including my backpack.

I can confirm this as well but it happened to me merely just equipping backpack and then logging off and when re-login to the server connected to the same hive I noticed my backpack was missing and my location was rolled back to the point where I was before I equipped the backpack.