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Show only missions for the map you opened in the editor
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New feature/function editor adjustment
When i start the editor, and choose a map to edit on, the list on the left should only show those missions for the map i am on.
Why is all the missions i created showing for all other maps when i opened a specific map?
This forces you to search and then search again, opening a map in the map list, and then looking for your mission
in this new list of missions for all maps when your on a specific map.

Important points:

  1. Expand the open mission box so all map and mission names can be read.
  2. Have a box you can tick in the open missions box to allow you to see only missions for that map when you get to that map in the editor, if left unticked then default, ticked box will stay ticked until you untick it.

So if you wanted to go to another map say from Altis to edit, transfer, copy what have you, then untick the map box, and all the maps/missions list will show.

Overall idea
So the idea overall is to when you click on editor on the main
menu of the game ---> choose map ----> missions created (if any) are only seen in the list, until you untick the missions list option to go to another map or open another mission.

Here is a video of something i have done to take the search out of looking for missions for a specific map

BIS forums thread:


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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