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[EXP] Annoying light glare effect emitting from light sources [0.63.149597]
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Light sources once again, has the annoying light glare effect at the source of light.

I liked it how it was in Stable, but this effect, I'm sure the vast majority of people don't like if intended

It's blocking, distracting, and ugly to view in night


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Try any lightsource besides head torch

(glowsticks, and road flare)

  1. View in 3PP or on the ground
Additional Information

Head torch is also broken. Not working on head (no light when attached to head.

Emits red light? (Should be white LED like flashlight I assume)

Light source coverage/distance, (Strength of lights to see where you're going) should be increased much more.

Along with light rendering distance, for other players, to spot people in night, using light sources.

The Dark nights are Phenomenal! But, I think it should be a little less dark, just to see your self and a little bit of your surrounding (just a little)
Moon light/clear skies should provide more general light and visibility on the environment

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xArmanR created this task.Nov 29 2018, 6:01 AM