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Client freeze and terminate when when zombie try to get on hood/roof of car.
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Client freezes and terminates, when driving in car and you stop. Zombie tracks you and try to get on hood/roof of the car.

Not sure the freeze/terminate of client is caused because of

  • the Zombie who tries to get on the car OR/AND
  • turning gear to "R" OR/AND
  • turning motor off

When you rejoin the game, you will start about 150m in air and fall down on hood of car.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • Drive with the Hatchback
  • Get tracked from Zombies
  • Stop the car
  • Zombie follows

Not sure this is part of the issue:

  • Go to "Reverse" gear
  • Stop the car

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I have this happen quite often and today it is really bad. I had this happen 4 times in 10 minutes. The collision on the hatchback is terrible. The physics of the outside of the vehicle seem to be the issue. There are often parts of the vehicle where you can not walk up close to it. Perhaps the client thinks the door is open when it is shut?

If you have the drivers door open, and run straight into the open doorway, it is possible to make the character fly up. This is easy to reproduce and may help with diagnosing this issue.

As always no Bohemia reaction ... useless to report any bugs, even when it's a client crash. I'm out here.