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Performance & FPS drops heavily entering big cities (Xbox One Original)
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Performance/FPS entering and being in big cities like Elektro, take a big tank and drop to lower than 15 FPS it feels while on Xbox One Original.

This is while it was raining, but it felt super laggy and unplayable entering and looting Elektro, it seriously felt like a slideshow at times.

There's also more texture pop-in I notice, if you turn around really quickly, or are running into foliage, or buildings.

Same with the inventory, there's a lot of texture pop-ins/load-ins that happen.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Xbox One Original
Steps To Reproduce

(xbox one original)

  1. Run into, and loot a big city like Elektro
  1. Turn around very quickly to notice texture pop/load-ins, or just run straight into big forests/cities, and turn around quickly while doing so.
  1. Open inventory and noticed texture pop/load-ins.

(Look at the grass texture pop in in the clip, and also notice the raining, but blue clear sky?)

Additional Information

Raining but no clouds too?
It's a blue sky and it's raining, hopefully you guys can add some sort of overcast overlay on the sky if it's raining?

(shown in the video clip in "Steps to Reproduce")

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CJ added a subscriber: CJ.Nov 28 2018, 7:30 PM

I like all the details jamielou. I noticed this also but it was much worse where I would walk into a build but the whole building wouldn't render in for a few seconds. I was playing in an NL server from the States though so can try from a US server at some point.

I am on an Xbox One S. Do you want a new ticket created with screenshots Geez, or whoever? Or do you want me to add attachments, and more info in this ticket?