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Infected AI Aggro bug
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There's this bug that can occur with the infected where if you aggro them, and they start chasing after you; You can just keep blocking/backing up, and they'll keep stopping before they can attack you.

Seems like it happens when the server performance becomes low or something? (I was playing on DayZ Village server, which is a Vanilla server, and it was high population, but not near or above 60 I believe.)

I have about 150 ping connection to them according to the server browser, but it does happen with slightly modified servers like The Chipotle Bandits, which I have 100ping too.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

Try low server performance servers
Have a ping above 150, and connect to these servers and try

-Alert and Aggro the zombie
-Then start to block, and go backwards

Additional Information

Other issues:
Sometimes Infected are spawned in by the server, stuck on some sort of structure or geometry, not allowing them to move or go to attack you

Infected are teleporting at times to you, especially when they're aggro/alerted on you, and are stuck on geometry like the above ^

Infected can still go through walls and doors at times :/

Infected are super super slow, or can't even get into buildings/door entrances at times. (making hiding in buildings super easy, unless they walk through the wall)

Sometimes in melee, when fighting infected you can go inside of them while punching them if they move into you (running attacks, etc.)
ruining the flow of combat w/ them.

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