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Death from Above...
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Was in vehicle ADA with a friend in Severograd on UK 2-8 and it crashed while some zombies around, (Bad Module Info Crash) , after re log in server the character was falling from the sky for about 20 sec, hit the ground (didn t die). The character has fallen near the car and when It touched the car he jumped 20 M and died falling again... The car was still there and running engine.


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Windows 10 x64
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Drive in Severograd..

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Can I get my character back ? :)

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My friend died also when re log !!!! also falling from the bloody sky

Clarification for that bug, since original poster was little bit emotional:

If you log-out while being in the vehicle, you spawns on top of it nex time you log-in. Sometimes - way up high in the sky. We learned it in hard way and now loging out far from our vehicles, just in case they move.
Second part, about being hit by vehicle: sometimes, when engine running, vehicle randomly moves, jitters and jump. It also slowly rotates. If you touch it, while it jitters, you can get damage and being launched far from vehicle :) It's kinda funny, but can be deadly.

Can reproduce characters launching into the air on contact with vehicles by opening vehicle door and sprinting at driver seat.