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STABLE PATCH NOV 23 | Gunplay bugs and recoil tweaks.
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With gunplay, there's some issues and tweaks I should let you know, see, and demonstrate.

  1. When using MMB to ADS w/ a firearm. Naked eye zoom is used within the transition from point-aiming and ADS & vice versa, causing for some unpleasant transition, and a bug where you can MMB zoom further when in Point-Aim, and ADS. Video shown below

  1. You can glitch/bug out your firearm, by holding an ammo or magazine hotkey while in ADS with your gun.

Reloading will take out of ADS, & cause this bug once again, where the gun is aligned where it should be in ADS mode, but rather you're in Point-Aim, creating this rather unconventional & huge weapon blocking your screen, that isn't accurately aligned for Point-Aim

  1. On to the recoil aspect. The first iterations are looking great, but I feel the SVD, Mosin, and FNX need tweaking in particular for recoil and it's movement with the kick.

SVD: Recoil should be increased vertically, horizontal seems fine, but it just doesn't have enough kick to it to make it harder to control. Very low vertical recoil for a powerful DMR.

Mosin: Same with Mosin. It needs much higher vertical recoil, and needs to kick up high, after shooting out a 7.62x54 caliber bullet.
Again it kicks up a bit, but similar to of a AR or Pistol, so that's disappointing :(

It needs kick! to make lining up that second shot harder, & to give it that powerful feel!

FNX: This one is more of an issue, rather than tweaking. When you shoot the FNX, the front iron sight constantly shifts in the same direction to the left a fair amount.

This concerns me because, it blocks a fair amount of your target, it looks unnatural since it has the pattern of just swaying to the left every time you fire, the same amount each time.


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Windows 7
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^refer to description

Additional Information

The IZH and the shotgun I feel are lacking some recoil kick too. Shotgun just needs a bit more IMO
IZH still should be tweaked higher with recoil kick.

As well, It would be great if some reverb would be added at the end of the a MP133 Shotgun blast, to give it that feeling of power it deserves!

Thanks, hopefully this feedback helps :)

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