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Basebuilding broken
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Basebuilding is completly broken. It has three major issues:

  1. You can deconstruckt bases from the outside and NOT from the inside.
  2. You can´t install a lock on a gate, but therefore on walls.
  3. You can´t close the gate of your base when you are inside, since it closes way too fast and you have to be far out to close it.

For point 1 and 2 (im not a developer or got any idea how programming a game works aand this is not supposed to be flaming) it seems to me that you may have flipped parameters for the building parts, since in- and outside are changed and walls shouldn´t be lockable but gates should be ( i don´t understand why there is a slot for a lock on the walls anyways to be honest). I and all my friends that i mainly met in dayz just came back for the basebuilding so please fix this fast since it makes basebuilding completly useless.
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Windows 10 x64
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Just build a base.

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lk0 added a subscriber: lk0.Nov 19 2018, 8:49 AM
  1. there are 2 action that can be used to deconstruct parts:

dismantling [crowbar] - you need to look from the inside of base building object, this action will return materials
destroying [sledgehammer] - you need to look from the outer side of base building object, this action won't return any materials (it will only destroy selected part after longer time)

  1. showing/hiding available slots for different object states (has gate? - show attachment slot, has no base - don't show any other attachment slots besides wooden log, rtc.) has not been implemented yet (but it's in the works)
  1. there is a known bug that will prevent you from properly closing gate from the inside (high priority)

Thanks for the feedback!

Berrashy added a comment.EditedNov 19 2018, 9:37 AM

Thanks for responding so fast, but i just want to ask what you mean by "long time". It took us about 15 ingame hours to construct three walls, i mean that could have been bad luck and rng. But nontheless it takes about 10 minutes to deconstruct a base part from the outside whilst making no sounds. That is no where near balanced. You can´t even make a trip to the airstrip without fearing somebody will just raid you in that time and i don´t want to start talking about offline raiding. That is just such a bad balancing it needs to get hotfixed. Last but not least it doesn´t even damage the sledge while removing parts. I don´t want to be rude but the fact i listed this as a bug should make you worrie already if it should stay that way. I know that it is work in progress, but it should work at least on a reasonable level and those issues are mainly balancing issues so please hotfix that stuff.

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lk0 added a comment.Nov 19 2018, 10:13 AM

i just want to ask what you mean by "long time"

What I've meant was destroying a part will take you much longer than dismantling or building (destroying - 60s VS building/dismantling - 5s). Building and destroying sounds are now missing but once they are there you will hear when someone is destroying your base (adding "destroying" particles would also help).

We know that that building a base camp is time consuming and it was designed to be that way. We are aware of the balance issues (building and deconstructing) and some adjustments will be made (don't worry). For example, it won't be that easy to destroy something (e.g. giving massive damage to the destruction tool). Also bear in mind that base building constructions are not meant to be impenetrable, so some "outside" protection needs to be done (barbed wires, traps, player patrol).


They need to make it so you can turn of Dismantle from inside/outside as an option. That way, noone can glitch in and then dismantle the base from inside. or dismantle the base from the outside. Very annoying and easy way to get in.