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Game crash - random BSOD
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Three times now, while doing different things in-game (moving things in inventory, walking down a road), I've had BSOD's. The first two are definitely BE related as they reference a BE file, but the third may not be. I have contacted BE about this, but thought I should report it here too.

The first two crashes stated "System thread exception not handled" and it pointed to the file BEDaisy.sys.
The third crash said "IRQL not less or equal".

In all three cases, I received a BSOD and my computer restarted.

My AppData/local folder has no mdmp files from these crashes. The windows\minidump folder does have dmp files from these crashes. I will include the requested zip file of my AppData/local folder and the dmp files from the minidump folder.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

This has happened randomly, although each time it was after playing about 10 minutes. This only started with DayZ SA

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I don't see an option to attach files. Please tell me how I can attach the required files.

It's one of the icons above each textbox input field.

The files have been attached.

Another dmp file from a BSOD that said "Kernal security check failure".

I've tested my system memory and it tested fine. It seems that BE might be causing the memory kernal to crash, perhaps a memory leak?