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(.63) Stuck when trying to crawl through breaks in walls
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With the new player controller I assume, there's some walls that don't allow you to crawl under them, and just make you stuck on the other side of the wall, not letting you through.

I went prone, even took off my backpack, but I still wasn't able to crawl through the breaks.

Compound is NE of Sosnovka and the walls are facing east and north that I tried, it wouldn't work (marked on map below)

Can be bad/detrimental when in pesky situation, where you need to escape really quickly whether it's a gunfight infected, or wolves, etc. and then you realize you are stuck and can't get through

I think it's this specific wall type, which doesn't allow you to crawl under. (Shown in video)
Maybe in a object editor, just try crawling under this specific wall type?


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to the compound marked above (above NE to Sosnovka)


  1. Go to any wall that's the same shown in video (which is the one I couldn't crawl under)
  2. Go prone, and try crawling under that wall
Additional Information

another place I experienced this, is crawling through the cracks in the walls by the ATC in NWAF, and it wouldn't let me, these walls in purple.
(that specific wall type with cracks needs fixing to prone under)

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xArmanR created this task.Nov 13 2018, 10:34 AM