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Cant move forward.
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Was crouched by a rock for a while and suddenly after being still for a while could no longer move forward.

Tired restarting game and computer, problem started on one server and when I went to a different server, a different character has the same problem. Keyboard is definitely fine as you can see the times ive used wwwwww in this description.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
10.0.17134 Build 17134
Additional Information

YouTube Video of problem:


Version: 0.63.149415

The game hasnt crashed and when ever I enter a server the problem persists. But Ive included a DxDiag file as requested. (this is after restarting the computer)

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3rdParty edited Additional Information. (Show Details)Nov 12 2018, 11:03 PM

It was the same with me, but in my case it was the "D" key that did not make the character move to the right.

Then I delete the "DayZ" folder from "My Documents" and when I entered the game, the "D" key came back up but the "S" key did not work having the same problem.

It works again after I disconnected the Xbox control from my PC, and to make sure it was the here is problem I did the test again by connecting the Xbox controller, and the problem of the "S" key did again not working.

Everything indicates that some conflict in the configuration with the joystick control that should be causing the problem, because whenever I disconnect the joystick from the PC the game becomes normal.

And I do not use the Xbox control to play DayZ, I use only keyboard and mouse.

Well I played again a few hours later, and still wouldnt work.

Tried playing the game in "DayZ with logs" and presto I could walk forward again... for a few minutes, the problem started up again. The only common cause I could see between the events is that it occured around those rocks where Im standing in the video I posted.

I logged on today and the problem seems to have gone away.

Will reply if the problem happens again and im recording pretty constantly now just in case.