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In order to test night gameplay, we need to be able to tweak gamma
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regarding the night gameplay: the darkness seems realistic now,
but it also keeps you from playing the game at all if your torch runs out after spawning.

Right now i can't fix the gamma, so i can only see anything while being outside or being inside a house with a floor with bright textures

We should be able to tweak gamma in order to test the "anti-gamma-exploit" and be able to test the game.

I get that you guys don't want people to snipe other people from 100m + when it's dark,,
but this gamma exploit fix combined with no ability to tweak gamma besides the auto HDR the game does
(which is bad at best, not letting you see anything at night and completely blinding you at a cloudy day)
actively keeps me from testing the game on the night experimental servers at all.

Please, next time you guys want to implement something about realistical nighttime gameplay,
don't take the ability from people away to tweak the game settings according to their hardware, you can't possibly knowwhich monitors or graphics cards people use, and so some get left behind using this approach, while some people can see very well at night, and some people can see very little but are able to just about play

this is helping nobody and keeps people from playing and/or testing the game completely.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Settings
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Not reproducable without changing hardware, i have an ASUS monitor and a GTX 1060 6GB

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Zombo created this task.Nov 9 2018, 8:14 PM