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Player Audio bugs/issues 0.63
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If you've already recieved this, discard this ticket, but I don't believe you guys did (when feedback tracker was broken), and I have to make sure you guys know as, it's very gamebreaking

Player Audio, became very broken with the new 0.63 builds, including the reloading, loading mags, eating/drinking, and gun shots (distant & maybe close-by?) sounds.

I'm sure you guys are aware of the gun shot audio in the distance, and hopefully it will be fixed soon (still existed in stress #56), (it was where the audio for the gunshots, were overlapping eachother, making a spray from a gun sound super quick, and like one shot)

Now, to the pressing issue at hand, which you guys may not know is, the player audio regarding sounds like reloading, loading mags in guns, eating/drinking etc. sounds

These sounds are wayyy too audible, and can be hear from an unrealistic, and exploitative distance away.
I had an example where I was in one building, and another person was in the building adjacent to mine, and I can hear the sounds of reloading a magazine, and it sounded loud, as it was right next to me.

This will give away a lot of people's position, and is considered game breaking.

*sorry don't have any video :( *


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Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Listen to gunshots in the distance, and close by (try single fire, and spraying full-auto), listen for overlapping audio

Regarding Player Audio being waay too audible, try with 2 different players, testing the sounds like (loading magazines with ammo, reloading mags into guns, eating, drinking, etc.)
and test it at different distances, and between buildings (try with increments)

Additional Information

was tested as of the last stress test
(unless there were fixes for this in EXP)

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