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Stress Test 55 | All Infected in one area, in Mogilevka (not scattered)
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Just playing the survival stress test 55, on an US NE server, and I was going up north, and when reached the town of Mogilevka, I noticed there were no infected around.

As I looted through the city, I came across the long barns in the town, all the infected were accumulated in one area, outside the barn. Instead of being dispered around the town.

this made looting the town easier, hopefully you can spread out the infected in Mogilevka, and in a handful of other areas/towns, where this bug exists.

*cannot even upload images or video to the feedback tracker right now* But the infected were all grouped up outside the long barn, to the North East of Mogilevka.


Have Not Tried
Operating System
Windows 8 x64
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to Mogilevka
  2. Go the the North East area of the town with the long barn(s)
  3. To the north of the barn, there should be a lot of accumulated infected all grouped up.
Additional Information

Infected 100% are very buggy, even in st#55

When they aggro, they do a circle around you before attacking you (very frustrating when trying to melee them)

They have a really difficult time getting into buildings (they take almost 10 seconds, before they can ease their way into the door (NavMesh needs tweaking)

In some towns/areas, they aren't evenly spread.

They aggro, on your first gunfire, but after they don't react to other gunfire? (they stay aggro, and in the area of the first gunfire)

Also, thought I let you know, that Gunfire audio in the distance and in general is still bugged.

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xArmanR created this task.Nov 4 2018, 7:57 PM