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No Vanilla Mags Support Vanilla Proxy Magazine Features
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Since the release of 1.80, new config options were introduced through (ex: magazinewells & modelSpecialIsProxy) that allow to utilize proxy magazines in a similar fashion to attachments (silencers, scopes, warheads, pylons). Although Bohemia Interactive has a vanilla proof-of-concept for all previous new config features, and although a few mod makers have utilized these new config options, Bohemia Interactive itself has not yet created proxy magazines for their vanilla firearms to take advantage of their own magazine proxy tech.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma 3 with a mod that utilizes the new magazinewells feature (RHS is a great example).
  2. Go to editor.
  3. Place a rifleman from any side.
  4. Open Virtual Arsenal and equip the rifleman with the mod maker's rifle that can use BI Magazines (any RHS M4 in continuing with the above example).
  5. Equip at least two BI magazines (RHS M4 can use BI 5.56 STANAGs).
  6. Preview the scenario and play as the rifleman character.
  7. Visually observe that no magazine appears in the weapon's magazine well.
  8. Preview the scenario and play as the rifleman character.
  9. Observe the default magazine is visible.
  10. Reload the weapon with a BI Magazine.
  11. Observe the BI Magazine is invisible due to no proxy model existing for the BI Magazine, but all other properties are intact.
Additional Information

To try and avoid this feedback being written off as a Mod Bug, I want to re-emphasize that I believe this is a true Arma 3 Bug because the vanilla Arma 3 weapons do not correctly utilize the vanilla modelSpecialIsProxy feature, and the lack of proxy magazines carries the risk of reproducing this same visual bug for any Arma 3 vanilla weapons. Based on documentation by community member Reyhard about magazinewells and proxies, the solution appears to be for BI developers to separate the already present magazine objects baked into existing vanilla weapon models into their own proxy model.

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