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25/9 update. Online screen scrolling & server message
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Hi after yesterday's update I've found that the online tab is still not scrollable & that I'm still receiving no server messages regarding reset timer. So I'm assuming these are still bugged after the fix. Haven't seen anyone else reporting them though so maybe I misunderstood the patch report. Hope this helps


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Bump on this. This was supposedly addressed in the 09/25 patch, however neither are currently functioning in game.

Multiple servers amounting to around 3 hours of gameplay time, which would warrant a server message, still are not shown. I have been kicked without warning or notification of reset after updating an restarting console on 3 US servers.

I went to check the player list on a 20+ server, and when getting to the bottom of the page, it does not scroll to the other players.

Can confirm that the 09/25 patch did not fix these items.

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Yes I agree with comments. To see online players in the server you can scroll down but the player list does not scroll so you can not see names of all players in a highly populated server. Also I was kicked off a server without a warning notification.

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Hello everyone.
The issue has been fixed internally and will be fixed on the public version in the future.