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(Feature Request) Reloading mag and QOL issue
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*EDIT* just drawing back to this, I had a situation where I only had one mag, and this feature would've befitted me a ton, and made my gameplay experience better* As I was using a pistol with one magazine, and when I was out of ammo, I would have to stop, drag the mag into my inventory, and then use the hotkey to take the mag, reload with ammo, and reinsert with the mag into the gun, to then kill off the horde. It would've been much more fluid/better if this was in, please!*

The new loading of the magazine system is great & I find it more tactical, but it could use a Quality of Life improvement.

That is when ejecting magazines from the gun, you have to go into your inventory, and drag it into your inventory, instead of being able to use a hotkey.

This is a big issue, as you have to stop, open your inventory (stops mobility, obscures vision), & it takes valuable time away from life or death

My suggestion is that if you have said loaded magazine in the gun, put on the hotbar, & if you hold the hotbar key, you eject the magazine from your weapon, and it goes into your inventory.

This will make the magazine system much more fluid & smooth, when only having one magazine. :)


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Windows 8 x64

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