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Unable to join servers
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After several hours of playing with friends on a server, after being kicked out for a server reset I am no longer able to join the same servers as my friends. They can't join in one I've picked either. Typically though we can still get into any server the others are not in, but still can't get into a server even after a friend has left it. And there is no message explaining why. We pick the server, it acts as though it's trying to join, then just goes back to the server list. The issue seemed to occur most when two of us were playing from the same location. I returned home, was immediate able to join with my friends again. However they stopped playing and now I can't join any servers. Did a delete all data and restarted the game with no results. However after the last data deletion it now says position in queue 1 when trying to join a server but it does not join even after 30 plus minutes.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Xbox One
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Happens whenever it wants. Not seeing rhyme or reason.

Additional Information

I can put up with any bug or glitch as long as you can make sure I can play on the same server as my friends.

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Hello KnuckNorris and thank you for the report.
Have you tried to connect to servers that are displayed lower in the server list or have you always tried to connect to the servers at the top? If not, try scrolling to the lower part of the server list and let us know if you still were unable to join any of the servers.

Yes, we've tried randomly throughout the list on either end. Even NL and SG servers. Just occurred again about 8:00pm EST. The three of us are playing from the same location for 3 or 4 hours now, server resets, now my two friends can get into US 7485 but I can't. Mine just goes back to the server list.

Playing with just one friend this time, played from about 11pm EST until 12:44am EST when the connection to host timed out. Upon going back to the server list it said "unable to retrieve servers error code 9". After exiting the game, deleting saved data, restarting, servers listed but were unjoinable.

Doing it again now, starting 7:30pm EST logged out to go do something, come back and can't join any servers. No error messages, not locked in database. This is a tad more important than fixing people's party chat to game chat when they just shouldn't have party chat available in the first place.

Now it not only isn't letting me join any servers but now the sorting went from listing US servers at the top to NL... Restarted my router, hard reset, deleted saved data, signed out of gamertag and back in, nothing helps. Beginning to believe playing with friends is a pipe dream

KnuckNorris set Operating System Version to Xbox One.

Aaaaaaaaand now it's not even doing anything at all when I press A to join a server, it's like I'm not pressing anything at all.

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