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Character Reset?
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Had a character alive for weeks with lots of supplies. Logged off late last night. Logged on after update this morning and my character was gone. Player had been reset. Was that part of the update?


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Im not the only one my husband has also had his character reset.

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Fauxxie created this task.Sep 18 2018, 9:09 PM
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This is by everyone!!
Me to this makes me angry but they make it for making this game better!!

Same happened to me! Spent ages getting character geared up to just have it reset after the update. It's a joke.

You say it!! It is a big joke 👎

calm down guys, this is normal in early access and yes part of this update

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Logged in today to find last night's character gone, okay game preview that's fine. Spent over an hour running the whole coast to meet my friend and scavenging, got there and met up as the server shuts down to cycle. RESPAWNED WITH A NEW CHARACTER AGAIN OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE COAST AGAIN!!! Done this 3 times and 4 hours of trying to group up to have to spawn new. I'm not complaining about the game, I just want to know if this is going to happen continually or if it's just us? Sorry I get to play like an hour in the evening normally. If this is how it works it's not worth trying to play with friends when all we do is get new characters cross map every hour as servers cycle. Any info?? My problem isn't a reset, my problems a reset any time I got off, booted from server for cycle or froze out. Is this something glitching for now?

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Hello everyone.
As jedionemanarmy has mentioned, the character wipe has been a part of the latest update to resolve the issue with glitched characters which prevented many players from logging into the servers.