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This is a sh.. game!!!!
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I played 25 hours on my character and now all is gone Are you serious??? I paid 40€ for nothing


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and i could bet there will be no message Back

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You're a fucking noob. The game is in early access, characters are going to get reset. You paid $40 for EARLY ACCESS SO YOU CAN HELP THE DEVELOPERS
Whiny bitches like you are why pubg is dying. Grow the fuck up or go play call of duty.
We don't want or need your childish venting here because it's not constructive AT ALL. IF YOU AREN'T HERE TO HELP THEN LEAVE.

Fuck you bitch!!! it would not annoy you??
When I now that this happend I had bought my the game when it is completely developed

It's certainly the best game I've ever played but that upsets me

I have THOUSANDS of hours in DayZ.
Do you have any IDEA how many characters I've lost?
The game is early access, and you knew that when you bought it. The only bitch here is you. Bitch.

Early access means characters are going to be deleted, lost etc..
Quitcherbitchin bambi

No I don’t new this asshole!!
When i knew this i don’t had played three days and night without sleeping

If you didn't read the description, that's your fault, and makes you the asshole.

but what do I discourse with someone like you? you are surely such a fat loser enough time to play dayz and because that does not metter ! Take off mother and look for a life

I think losing characters just makes it that much more interesting....each and every play through is different you will never have the same game and I love it..spool much replayability

You seem pretty upset and ive just gotta let you know quit now. If your this upset over losing your crap youll go on a rampage when the games actually complete.

I just added a similar issue, losing characters is something that's expected while logged off? I must've missed it when reading through the notes. I've never played this on PC as much as I'd have liked to, so the learning curve to the glitches and growing pains of development is all new to me.

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Logged in today to find last night's character gone, okay game preview that's fine. Spent over an hour running the whole coast to meet my friend and scavenging, got there and met up as the server shuts down to cycle. RESPAWNED WITH A NEW CHARACTER AGAIN OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE COAST AGAIN DID NOT DIE ANY OF THESE TIMES!!! Done this 3 times and 5 hours of trying to group up to have to spawn new when crashed or server cycle etc. I'm not complaining about the game, I just want to know if this is going to happen continually or if it's just us? Sorry I get to play like an hour in the evening normally. If this is how it works it's not worth trying to play with friends when all we do is get new characters cross map every hour as servers cycle. Any info??

I have been gaming for many years... Like 35 ;) This game is amazing. I was number 7 until last week for pubg, and this was exactly the game I WAS LOOKING FOR.

To the haters... Go to pubg or go to call of duty. There is massive skill required to play this game beyond your thumb controls. Real life knowledge comes into play with this game. Not perfect but it is a master piece.

Ignore the emotionally stunted and those who need a world to be created for them vs those who have the intellect to create their own.

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Hello everyone.
Please keep the comments related only to the in game issues.

@Bongoboy25 Have you experienced the issue with the wiped character after the most recent update? As a global character wipe has been a part of the most recent update to resolve the issue with glitched characters that prevented many players from logging into the game.