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After being kicked randomly from server. No servers show now.
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Character/xbox name "ctvgenjuice" was kicked randomly from us server 4308 and it was supposedly it restarting according to my friend. Well I rejoinedthe server and it was restarted. But after I left to join another. When I pulled up the server list, no servers were showing. None at all. I tried everything including resetting the list and filters. Nothings working.


Operating System
Windows 7

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Geez changed the task status from New to Need More Info.Sep 13 2018, 4:14 PM
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Hello Ctvgenjuice.
Have you tried to restart the game if it has any effect on the issue? As there has been an update to the servers which could cause this behaviour you describe.

BLUEKUB420 paid 30 pound to look at a blank server got twenty minutes play lol
I AM AND WILL BE AN AVID PLAYER OF THIS GAME I just wish I could play right now can anyone shed some light please on
A.) whats going on
b.)when is the downtime to fix it
C.) when will it be back up
On a separate note
A1.) when will you patch the bug where I can reload ammo into my guns been walking round with a hatchet for days lol with pistols, rifles, 7.6 ammo ,9mm ammo can reload or load my clips I’ve found they just end up in the gun with nothing I’ve tried turtorials online my game just doesn’t do what they are saying I’m on xbox1
B2.) just generally when’s the next bug update

Carry on the lovely work boys love this game on pc
It also needs the quick slot item button fixed and auto assign fixed for bullets cause I have to move everything manually at the minute even though it says I can do it