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Bugs in game
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There are a number of bugs and glitches I will post on this thread that a friend and I have noticed while playing. although we do know it is a game preview and is expected to have bugs and glitches if we dont report them they wont get fixed. ok so on to the bugs


*alkaline battery image doesnt appear in inventory
*7.62 rounds image doesnt appear in inventory and glitches to where you cannot load mag.
*random items disappearing from inventory
*status bar gauges dont work properly "sometimes"
*dropped bags full of inventory disappear in a location where my friend and i deside to set up base.
*lockpick does lock doors while online but after server reset they become unlocked again. Lockpick emote also seems incorrect as you make the motion and sounds of eating.
*some mags glitch in gun and will not allow you to remove them to load a new mag
*Pistols get stuck in lock back upon reload of the game, also pistol mags become glitched to where they cannot be filled or use.


*upon opening inventory game freezes, this is really the only crash ive encountered at this time but it does happen often..

The game is great my friend and I do enjoy the game and cant wait for the finished product, and are excited for future updates regarding cars, actual base building. one thing i would have a request on would be loot abundance going to the airfield and searching large building but only finding low amounts of loot, other than that keep up the good work..


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I have experienced these glithes as well. I have had all kinds of ammo pictures not appear. Alkaline battery picture has never appeared. Doors become unlocked upon server reentry as you say. I have had players spawn inside same room with door locked.

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